lovely little moment

An awesome gift

This last week marked 48 years since the Loving supreme court case corrected the insanity and injustice of outlawing mixed race marriages. When I was born my parents couldn't have married. Just typing that brings up so many emotions.

Now I am in a mixed race marriage. Ha! Guess it's not possible I could have had it any other way, well accept that if you have a drop of black in you are black, says society, a topic for another day. 

With these marriages often comes children. Beautiful children. People who are lucky enough to walk through this world with a unique perspective. People who are blessed with having two ways of being, ways of being acknowledged, ways of experiencing the world. It is a gift in my opinion but there are also difficulties and challenges. This week's Longest Shortest Time brought us stories about this topic and I had to share this clip.

Kirya Traber tells us about a truly inspired gift from her uncle. Take a listen. I'm sure those of you with children who might not look like you or don't identify with the dominate culture they are living in will find inspiration. As a brown girl raised amongst mostly white people I would have benefitted greatly from this gift. Thank you Longest Shortest for telling this story.