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Best of lists I could have written myself

The 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015 From the Atlantic

57 Black-Hosted Podcasts You Should Probably Listen To


Places to hear stuff

PRXremix  Roulette for awesome audio shorts. It's fun to hear some of your current favorites back went they were babies.


KCRW and The Independent Producer Project

Overcast App

The Sarah Awards




Networks & Directories

See this Wikipedia page

Podcast In Color



Learn. Get Better.


"Transom channels new work, voices, and ideas into public media through the Internet and workshops. Our goal is to be useful and inspiring. Transom is a performance space, an open editorial session, an audition stage, a library, and a hangout. Our purpose is to pass the baton of mission and good practice in public media through tools, philosophy, and technique."

Out On a Wire  This podcast/website/community is all about learning and practicing to be a great storyteller. Get the book!

The Power of Narrative Conference The website has a lot of good links and the speakers are folks to follow. 

Tape What better way to learn than from the stories and experience of your heros. Review of this podcast here.

Guide to Podcasting by Vanessa Quirk

NPR Training


Professional Organizations

Air Public broadcasting's talent network




Reaper Software