Wonderful things are happening in audio and everyday folks are asking, "What podcasts should I listen to".
So here's a site for all of you precious, adventurous, hungry, beautiful nerds* who dared to ask.

The List

Podcasts make it the list because I love them and listen to them. I'm sure I've missed something but that's ok, it's a living breathing list. I don't listen to true crime so you won't find any of that. I also keep my interview and work related shows to a minimum.

I've actually listened to every episode of most of these and can honestly say they are worth your time. But do let me know your thoughts. If you have your own list submit it I would love to share it!

Last updated: 11.15.2017

99% Invisible I know you already listen, time to start from episode 1 and experience the pleasure alllllllll over again. 

All Songs Considered Bob and Robyn you have the best jobs in the world and we all benefit. They go to thousands of shows and listen to all the records picking the best stuff so you don’t have to. Because you are old and how could you. I think Bob must take some alien growth hormone too keep up this pace. I love ya for it Bob. 

Another Round First. What?! How? Yes! This show is so hilarious, so right on, so beautiful, so witty, so fun, so important, so exactly what I want to be listening to and exactly what you need. I am stronger because I listen. 

ARRVLS So much beauty in this one. 

Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything One of the most unique, honest voices out there. Come look through his glasses.

Bullseye Jesse how the hell are you so good?! Damn it.

Call Your Girlfriend  Intelligent, unapologetically female and freaking hilarious. 

Code Switch White folks pay attention. Brown folks snuggle in, we gotcha.

Criminal  Investigations with a twist

Death, Sex and Money  Brave and touching

Dear Sugar  Solid advice from your new stand in best friends.

Ear Hustle Just when you think you can't hear another story about the horrors of our penal system and the plight of the many people, many black and brown people, as they try to stay alive and try to stay human, outcomes this master piece, and they take the care to bring you back into the story without crushing that last bit of hope you have that our country can ever be redeemed. There is beauty in these men and you will feel that. Thank you for shining this light and telling these stories. It's also just damn good radio. 

For Colored Nerds  Come on in the water is fine. I like listening to folks with opinions. Opinions worth listening too.

Fresh Air My girl Terry.  --Update: These folks are doing important work since the "election" of this monster in the White House and the continued march over humanity that the GOP is doing. EVERY DAMN WEEK they are digging into the details I can barely stomach. We owe them a great deal. Please keep working hard. We need you. 

Heavy Weight  My long-standing love affair with Jonathan aside, the show is what audio storytelling should be. His prose hit you in places, deep places, kinda like a funny bone but it doesn't feel bad, it feels good and familiar, warm and cozy yet jolting. His particular style of humor seems knowable, "Sure. I've heard guys like this before.", But no, no you haven't. Just wait for the particular ping that will open up your heart forever.

Here Be Monsters Don't say I didn't warn you. These stories stick with you FOREVER.

Here's The Thing   If I had time I'd write a thesis about this one.

Hidden Brain This is one of my favorite sciency podcasts. They ask some really good questions which is the most important part of inquiry, right?

Home of the Brave  Scott Carrier has always felt Important with a capital I, now he has a showcase.

Homemade Stories Still working on the one liner but you won't regret listening. Who is this guy!? Lala love the world he creates. 

The Intern I just dig how real this one is. Three cheers for Allison!!!

LaVar Burton Reads Story time from the man we trust most to read us a book. Also, my hubby's favorite. 

Live Wire Our local hometown radio heroes.

Long Form Like a tuneup for your perspective and energy for your work.

The Longest Shortest Time  It takes a village to raise a parent.

Love and Radio   Awesomely out there.

The Memory Palace Nate seems to be the only one drinking from the unending fountain of history to create radio like noneother. There is always a bit of twist. You are always asked to confront your beliefs, assumptions, stereotypes, and the "history" books you read in school. Nate is a national treasure. 

Modern Love I save this one to fall asleep too. It's a great way to end the day. 

Mystery Show A pro makes her own show and it's awesome. That is if you like mysteries and stories about the human condition.

Nocturne Perfectly perfect for laying in bed and you have just a little energy left and want to spend it in a fun little story. 

Not By Accident This is the type of work I would make if I could find the time. I really love the honesty and messiness of it. It's a story about a mom and what it takes to be a mom. We need more of these stories, told in a thousand different ways. Sophie if you are ever in Portland, Oregon I would love to host you!

Nancy A vibrant, intelligent, fun dive into the world of being queer. Careful Kathy and Tobin will steal your little heart.  

Note to Self You can't put your fingers in your ears and humm forever. Time to face the reality of our connected world. Don't worry Manoush will hold your hand.

One with Farai  Love

Otherhood Stories of and from children of immigrants. These american lives.

Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu The only political podcast you need. Really. I mean it. 

Pregnant Pause  I like this because it demonstrates how this medium can be used to move us through different points in our life and help others along the way. It's entertaining and endearing. 

Racist Sandwich It's like you're hearing a conversation about food but what you're really hearing is the most direct to the soul conversations about race you've ever heard.

Rabbits Gives me the creeps, can't stop listening. There is also something so satisfying about the word 'rabbits'. Rabbits. Rabbits. Rabbits.

RadioLab  You had no idea.

Random Tape  This random stuff is some of my favorite kind of stuff. Use it as a creative pallet cleanser during your busy day.

Reply All  Solid.

Reveal Intense deep dives into the topics and stories we need to know, understand and talk about. Al is one of my heros.

S-Town Oh, just google it but wait until after you listen to avoid those pesky spoilers. Then listen again because great work deserve more than one distracted listen. Actually don't be distracted when you listen to this. Side note: My husband thought this was fiction. It is not. That's how good it is. 

Savage Love Open your heart. Open your mind. 

Serial  You know all about this one. 

She Does  These interviews are important and amazingly awesome.

Sideshow  The internet is fun.   (No longer with us)

Snap Judgement  Solid.

Song Exploder  Just what it says. La la love.

Sooo Many White Guys Soooooooo gooood. That's all. Trust me. Hint: It's all voices but white guys. 

Sparkle & Circulate with Justin Sayre Just what the doctor ordered for a sad puppy like you. 

The Sporkful  Where food is given it's proper consideration. And your little texture issue is totally understood. 

Strangers  Curious how many emotions can trigger tears? Happy, proud, heartbroken, touched, empathy...   

StartUp Take a peek inside. 

State of the Reunion The real america told thoughtfully and with great respect. 

StoryCorps Quick! Go interview your grandma. It's important. Really. It is. 

Studio360 Art is alive and well taken care of by my one of my top picks for living dinner party guest.

Tape  It's like Song Exploder meets Long Form. Hear the stories and learn more about your favorite people in audio. 

Tiny Desk Concerts This catalog is just simply mind blowing. Raw. Beautiful. It's like a private concert just for you. Now you can listen to just the audio.

The Heart Like floating on your back. In a lake. On a night when the water, your body and the air are the exact same temperature. Your feelings swirl. You are what you feel. Love is real.

The Moth When you just need some good old storytelling.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking Do you have any Minnesota friends? Now you do. There is a particular way of talking, expressing, a particular type of humour that a particular type of minnesotan has. Some of the people I've loved most in the world have this. It's the best. So I was so pleasantly surprised to discover Nora over there is her little radio world talking about shit that matters in the very best way she can which is the very best. (This review is dedicated to my friend Krista, who I like to imagine is still just a plane ride away, snuggling with Snacks and watching the snow fall on her winter garden, on a quite Minneapolis street.)

The Truth  Creativity manifested.

This American Life  All hail the king!

This is Really Important with Jeffery Self  Smart. Fucking hilarious. I want to carry him around in my pocket. 

TLDR  More awesome internet stuff. (Dead but not forgotten. Listen to the Archives)

Two Dope Queens Like the sugar in your medicine, so funny you won't even know you got schooled.

You/Me  Portland is awesome. You knew that right? Also my good friend Jeremy.

Women of the Hour  A heart felt, intelligent, some times funny, variety show about women's internal life, relationships and all the little things that make us special that we forget to acknowledge. Do yourself a favor and listen. You'll feel better. I promise and I love you.

What Trump Can Teach Us About Conlaw I haven't listen to it yet because I my heart can't currently take a deep dive into the shit show that is this administration and its potential lasting effects on the world but if Roman made it, then you know it's cream. Tell me if there';s something I really need to know. I'm still peeking through my fingers at most of this. God bless them for doing this work. Independent Media FOR EVER!

What's the Point? Data for days. Things explained.

Wiretap You Canadians are so funny.


Some I haven't written descriptions for yet:

Kind World, Kismet, The Hilarious World of Depression, How to Be a Girl, Rumble Strip, Revisionist History, Love Me, Israel Story, Invisibilia.




* "Beautiful Nerds" is a term of endearment coined and used by Roman Mars to refer to his listeners. I'm just borrowing it.

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