A word for that.

I love hearing about those words other languages have for describing the human experience. Words that we don't have. Words that express the complexity of living and relating to each other. Is there a word for these words?

Here is a beautiful montage of them. You'll want to listen again and again, I know. 

When you're done go check out the full episode from this wonderful new show out of the CBC, Love Me. It's beautiful. Really looking forward to more!

Questions and Answers from Neil deGrasse Tyson

Adding a new one to the list today. What's the Point. Only three episodes in and I'm hooked and had to share some clips immediately. I've been waiting for a show like this and who is better to create it than Five Thirty Eight (Nate Silver's thang) and with a great host and radio/podcast veteran Jody Avirgan.  

Now enjoy some tasty bits from the Neil deGrasse Tyson chat. 

"Don't confuse science literacy with possessing a body of knowledge.."


"We're both wrong..."

"That's not an informed democracy. I don't know what that is..."