Endear me to you.

Lot's of brands are experimenting with podcasting as a marketing tool, some to great success, some...not so much. Last week I so freakin' tickled by this perfect expression of branded content that I must share.

Greenpeace has a podcast. It's not a bunch of smart people sitting around a table discussing the horrific state of the environment, and the latest sick move against nature by some soulless corporation. It's not stories of pain, devastation and smack in the face reality. All topics that are totally valid and stories that need to be heard.  The folks there had a much sweeter idea. What if they simply reminded us of how awesome nature is. What if they could tell you some stories that would give you a positive emotional tug and a neat story to repeat to friends. Could endearing you to the natural world affect the lens you see policy and politics through? Could it strengthen the position of organizations like theirs out fighting for our planet? I hope so. Great job guys. The show is great and so are you.

The Show: Completely Optional Knowledge

Bonus in this episode, guest Jessica Able! Check out her podcast if you are trying to do something creative and need a framework or inspiration. Check out her book if you love radio, podcasts and comics.