Tape the Podcast, a Review

If you're a fan of radio or podcasts and you haven't listened to this show, then may I present to you a very special treat. If you are new to this whole world but are falling in love more and more each day then this is going to really capture your heart. 

Tape is like Song Exploder meets Long Form meets a yearbook for a high school you only wish you could have attended. It's an interview show with all of the very best radio makers in the business talking about who they are and the work they have done.

The hosts of the show Mooj Zadie and Mickey Capper are members of this band of merry makers which allows them to conduct the interviews like old friends, although they ask the questions we should take the time to ask our friend but often don't. I also love the unabashed fanboy enthusiasm the host express. It's ok. I feel the same way. Squee!

The show is at it's best when the guests are invited to deconstruct a particular piece of work. These moments illuminate the skill, talent and sometimes divine serendipity it takes to get really great tape. 

Tape is a required primer for those interested in making radio or podcasts and a treasury of great content for the passionate radio listener. 

I'm curious what will happen when they run out of old veterans to talk with and start tapping the new class of producers, writers and host, but that's a ways off. Until then it's nice to see these veterans presented as the amazing creators they are. It's inspiring.