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The perverse use of the sex offender registry that will hurt you and your children

It's imperative that you listen to this clip from Savage Lovecast. Dan shines a spotlight on an issue you probably haven't thought much about but is having a profound effect on people's lives and is mutating in a very disturbing way. If you haven't been effected by these issues yet it's very likely to reach your home, family and personal life soon. 

When you're done please sign the petition to exonerate Zachery Anderson.

I'd also like to mention that if you aren't listening to Savage Lovecast you are missing out on thoughtful, hilarious, very human, often touching but always love and sex positive advice and discussions. If you aren't interested in that sort of thing fine, but you must listen to the first 10mins of each episode to keep up and learn about some of our most pressing issues. Many of which never seem to make it into my feeds or new sources. I depend on Dan to keep me up-to-date and so should you.